MP3 Download Sampler on Dropbox

MP3 Download Page:
These are the selections available to download at DROPBOX.  Just click on the link and you’ll be able to download these recordings of original compositions and arrangements:
1.) From “An Imperfect Storm”: My arrangement for The Bill Lowe
Andy Jaffe Repertory Big Band of Will You Still Be Mine?”.
2.) The Title Cut from Manhattan Projections“.
3.) From
The Tom McClung/Andy Jaffe piano duo CD Double Helix:
Mentalizando O Hermetoand
4.)If I Had A Dream“.
5.) From “An Imperfect Storm”, the 5th Movement of PORTACULTURE
6.) My
recently released arrangement of the Taiwanese Aboriginal
FolksongSinramat as recorded by the O-Kai Singers.
7.) Click here to listen to Every Day Blues.
8.) Woodwind Quintet:  Bach Corral, Pendeirinho, and  Penthex.

(4.00 kb)